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Important Dates

Important Links


Filing Periods for Federal, State, and County Offices

Federal Election Commission

Established Party Candidates

Illinois State Board of Elections


Register to Vote in Illinois

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Primary Election


March 20, 2012


General Election


November 6, 2012



I US President I U.S. Congress I

I Illiois Senate I Illinois House of Representatives I


U.S. President

Current Candidates

1 Democrat, 6 Republicans

Visit our Congressional Delegation page for more information on these office holders.



President Barack Obama


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Mitt Romney Click for Website






U.S. Congress

Current Office Holders

12 Democrats - 7 Republicans

Visit our Congressional Delegation page for more information on these office holders.

1st Congressional District



Rep. Bobby Rush



Frederick Collins

Donald Peloquin

Jimmy Lee Tillman, II




2nd Congressional District



Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

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James Taylor, Sr

Brian Woodworth





Anthony Williams

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3rd Congressional District



Rep. Daniel Lipinski



Arthur Jones

Richard Grabowski

Jim Falvey






4th Congressional District



Rep. Luis Gutierrez

Jorge Zavala


Hector Concepcion  




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5th Congressional District



Rep. Mike Quigley

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Dan Schmitt

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6th Congressional District



Benjamin Lowe

Leslie Coolidge

Geoffrey Petzel

Tim Ritter

Maureen Yates


Rep. Peter Roskam


7th Congressional District



Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Jacques Conway

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8th Congressional District



Tammy Duckworth

Click for Website


Rep Joe Walsh


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           Raja Krishanamorthi               Click for Website

                Robert Canfield
    Richard Evans

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9th Congressional District



Rep. Janice Schakowsky

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Timothy Wolfe

Click for Website

Simon Ribeiro

Click for Website

Susanne Atanus

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  Simon Ribeiro Click for Website  
10th Congressional District



Vivek Bavda

Click for Website

Rep Robert Dold Click for Website

                  Brad Schneider               Click for Website


                  Ilya Shayman

                  John Tree  
                  Aloys  Rutagwibira


11th Congressional District




                 Rep Adam Kinzinger                Click for Website

12th Congressional District



Rep. Jerry Costello

Click for Website

Teri Newman

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  Rodger Jennings Click for Website  
13th Congressional District



Scott Harper

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Rep. Judy Biggert

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14th Congressional District



Rep. Bill Foster

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State Sen. Randy Hultgren

Click Photo for Video

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Feat. on the Illinois Channel

Recorded Oct. 4, 2009

Aired Week of Nov. 16, 2009

25 Minutes


  Daniel Kairis Click for Website  
15th Congressional District



David Gill

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Rep. Tim Johnson

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16th Congressional District



George Gaulrapp   Rep. Donald Manzullo

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  Terry Campbell Click for Website  
17th Congressional District



Rep. Phil Hare

Click for Website

Bobby Schilling

Click for Website

18th Congressional District



Deirdre Hirner   Rep. Aaron Schock

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  Sheldon Schafer Click for Website  
19th Congressional District



Tim Bagwell

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Rep. John Shimkus

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Illinois Senate

Current Office Holders

37 Democrats - 22 Republicans

Find Your Legislator



1st Senate District

Sen. Tony Munoz      

4th Senate District

Sen. Kimberly Lightford      

7th Senate District

Sen. Heather Steans   Adam Robinson  

10th Senate District

John Mulroe   Brian Doherty  

13th Senate District

Sen. Kwame Raoul      

16th Senate District

Sen. Jacqui Collins      

19th Senate District

Sen. Maggie Crotty      

22nd Senate District

Sen. Michael Noland   Steven Rauschenberger  

25th Senate District

Leslie Juby   Sen. Chris Lauzen  

28th Senate District

Corinne Michelle Pierog   Sen. John Millner  

31st Senate District

Sen. Michael Bond   Suzi Schmidt  

34th Senate District

Jennifer Cacciapaglia   Sen. Dave Syverson  

37th Senate District

    Sen. Dale Risinger  

40th Senate District

Sen. Toi Hutchinson


Adam Baumgartner


43rd Senate District

Sen. A.J. Wilhelmi




46th Senate District

Sen. David Koehler




49th Senate District

Sen. Deanna Demuzio


Sam McCann


51st Senate District

(For an Unexpired Two-Year Term)

Tim Dudley


Sen. Kyle McCarter


52nd Senate District

Sen. Michael Frerichs




55th Senate District



Sen. Dale Righter


58th Senate District

Jeremy Randal Walker


Sen. David Luechtefeld



House of Representatives

Current Office Holders

70 Democrats - 48 Republicans

Find Your Legislator



1st House District

Rep. Susana Mendoza      

2nd House District

Rep. Edward Acevedo      

3rd House District

Rep. Luis Arroyo      

4th House District

Rep. Cynthia Soto      

5th House District

Rep. Ken Dunkin      

6th House District

Rep. Esther Golar      

7th House District

Rep. Karen Yarbrough      

8th House District

Rep. La Shawn Ford      

9th House District

Rep. Arthur Turner      

10th House District

Rep. Annazette Collins      

11th House District

Ann Williams   Scott Tucker  

12th House District

Rep. Sara Feigenholtz      

13th House District

Rep. Gregory Harris      

14th House District

Rep. Harry Osterman      

15th House District

Rep. John D'Amico      

16th House District

Rep. Lou Lang      

17th House District

Daniel Biss   Hamilton Chang  

18th House District

Robyn Gabel      
Patrick Keenan-Devlin      
Eamon Kelly      
Edmund Moran, Jr.      
Jeffrey Paul Smith      

19th House District

Rep. Joseph Lyons   David Anderson  

20th House District

    Rep. Michael McAuliffe  

21st House District

Rep. Michael Zalewski      

22nd House District

Rep. Michael Madigan   Patrick John Ryan  

23rd House District

Rep. Daniel Burke      

24th House District

Rep. Lisa Hernandez      

25th House District

Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie      

26th House District

Rep. Will Burns   Sylvester Hendricks  

27th House District

Rep. Monique Davis



28th House District

Rep. Bob Rita

Click for Website


29th House District

Thaddeus Jones      

30th House District

Rep. Will Davis      

31st House District

Rep. Mary Flowers      

32nd House District

Rep. Andre Thapedi      

33rd House District

Rep. Marlow Colvin      

34th House District

Rep. Connie Howard      

35th House District

Rep. Kevin Joyce   Barbara Ruth Bellar  

36th House District

Kelly Burke   Richard Grabowski  

37th House District

Rep. Kevin McCarthy   Jeffrey Junkas

Click for Website

38th House District

Rep. Al Riley      

39th House District

Rep. Toni Berrios      
  Jeremy Karpen (Green) Click for Website  

40th House District

Rep. Deborah Mell      

41st House District

Brian Stephenson   Chris Nybo  

42nd House District

Kathryn Vlahos   Rep. Sandra Pihos  

43rd House District

Rep. Keith Farnham   Ruth Munson  

44th House District

Rep. Fred Crespo   Billie Roth  

45th House District

Jim Hagerty   Rep. Franco Coladipietro  

46th House District

Deborah O'Keefe Conroy   Rep. Dennis Reboletti  

47th House District

Jim Speta   Rep. Patti Bellock  
Bob Mueller (Green)

48th House District

Barbara Green   Rep. Michael Connelly  

49th House District

Jennifer Barconi   Rep. Timothy Schmitz  

50th House District

Linda Healy   Rep. Kay Hatcher  

51st House District

Steve Riess   Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr.  

52nd House District

    Rep. Mark Beaubien, Jr.  

53rd House District

Linda Birnbaum   Rep. Sidney Mathias  

54th House District

Matt Flamm   Tom Morrison  

55th House District

Gregory Brownfield   Rep. Randy Ramey, Jr.

Click for Website

56th House District

Michelle Mussman   Ryan Higgins  

57th House District

Rep. Elaine Nekritz   Richard Hamen  

58th House District

Rep. Karen May   Lauren Turelli  

59th House District

Rep. Carol Sente   Dan Sugrue  

60th House District

Rep. Eddie Washington      

61st House District

Scott Pollak   Rep. JoAnn Osmond  

62nd House District

Rich Voltair   Rep. Sandy Cole  

63rd House District

Rep. Jack Franks   John O'Neill  

64th House District

Robert Kaempfe   Rep. Michael Tryon  

65th House District

    Rep. Rosemary Mulligan  

66th House District

Rep. Mark Walker   David Harris  

67th House District

Rep. Charles Jefferson   Robert Brokish, Jr.  

68th House District

Marla Jean Wilson   Rep. Dave Winters  
Gerry Woods (Green)

69th House District

Ray Pendzinski   Joe Sosnowski  
Dan Lindsey (Green)

70th House District

    Rep. Robert Pritchard  

71st House District

Dennis Ahern   Richard Morthland  

72nd House District

Rep. Patrick Verschoore   Mark Lioen  

73rd House District

    Rep. David Leitch  

74th House District

Elizabeth Double   Rep. Donald Moffitt  

75th House District

Rep. Careen Gordon   Sue Rezin  

76th House District

Rep. Frank Mautino      

77th House District

    Rep. Skip Saviano  

78th House District

Rep. Deborah Graham      

79th House District

Rep. Lisa Dugan   Nick Been  
George Ochsenfeld (Green)

80th House District

Rep. Anthony DeLuca      

81st House District

John Unhoch   Rep. Renee Kosel  

82nd House District

Matthew Mostowik   Rep. Jim Durkin  

83rd House District

Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia      

84th House District

Dennis Grosskopf   Rep. Tom Cross  

85th House District

Rep. Emily McAsey   Maripat Oliver  

86th House District

Rep. Jack McGuire      

87th House District

George Wissmiller   Rep. Bill Mitchell  

88th House District

    Rep. Dan Brady  

89th House District

    Rep. Jim Sacia  

90th House District

Kenneth Novak   Rep. Jerry Mitchell  

91st House District

Rep. Michael Smith   Michael Unes  

92nd House District

Rep. Jehan Gordon   Jim Montelongo  

93rd House District

    Rep. Jil Tracy  

94th House District

Earl Godt, II   Rep. Rich Myers  

95th House District

    Rep. Mike Fortner  

96th House District

Dawn DeSart   Rep. Darlene Senger  

97th House District

    Rep. Jim Watson  

98th House District

Charles Landers   Wayne Arthur Rosenthal  

99th House District

Kent DeLay   Rep. Raymond Poe  

100th House District

    Rep. Rich Brauer  

101st House District

Rep. Bob Flider   Mark Scranton  

102nd House District

    Rep. Ron Stephens  

103rd House District

Rep. Naomi Jakobsson   Norman Davis  

104th House District

Michael Puhr   Chad Hays  

105th House District

    Rep. Shane Cultra  
Vince LaMie (Green)

106th House District

    Rep. Keith Sommer  

107th House District

Joshua Qualls   Rep. John Cavaletto  

108th House District

    Rep. David Reis  

109th House District

Tim Cyr   Rep. Roger Eddy  

110th House District

Dennis Malak   Rep. Chapin Rose  

111th House District

Rep. Daniel Beiser      

112th House District

Rep. Jay Hoffman   Dwight Kay  

113th House District

Rep. Tom Holbrook   Joseph Avellone  

114th House District

Rep. Eddie Lee Jackson      

115th House District

    Rep. Mike Bost  
Charlie Howe (Green)

116th House District

Rep. Dan Reitz   Glenn Farley  

117th House District

Rep. John Bradley      

118th House District

Rep. Brandon Phelps      





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