Atty-General William Barr: The Chinese Threats to Democracy

July 16, 2020: From the Gerald R Ford Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan — Attorney General William Barr talks about the growing threat posed by the Communist Chinese government to American democracy. AG Barr lays out the way in which the CCP, the Communist Chinese Party, attempts to use access to its market to bully US firms to alter their messaging, to accommodate the efforts of the Communist Chinese.

But Mr Barr also faults those US international corporations, like Apple, for putting their short-term interests above the interests of the nation. He also says these corporations doing business with the Communist Chinese should realize the ambition of the Communist Chinese is to replace these firms with their own firms, using technology that they stole.

The Attorney General says this issues, of the growing influence of Communist China, on US industry, and the effort to blunt the critics of the Communist regime, is one of the most important issues of our time.

While acknowledging US firms wish to do business with China, the Attorney-General lays out that beyond profits, there should also be a moral component to doing business.

In an interview last month with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business News, he noted that one reason we’re not now all speaking German, is that American firms of the 1930s didn’t sell out the interests of the nation for the profits they could have from doing business with Nazi Germany.

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