Fmr US Rep Ray LaHood (R) on Trump, Biden, Impeachment & Creating a Greater Lincoln Presidential Library

Springfield, February 13, 2020 — Ray Lahood served as a member of Congress from 1995 – 2009. He entered Congress as part of the Republican sweep in the 1994 election that gave the GOP control of the US House for the first time in 40 years.

LaHood was always known as being a member who would work with Democrats and during the Clinton Impeachment of 1999, it was Rep Ray LaHood who held the gavel in the House, as he was trusted by both parties to be fair.

Just as LaHood planned to retire from Congress in January 2009, President Obama asked him to join his new cabinet, and LaHood became US Secretary of Transportation for three years. Ray LaHood was retired from politics, but recently was made the Chairman of the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Board of Directors. He speaks in part of that position and his plans for the future of the Library.

We also have in another video, his Keynote Address on this topic to the Abraham Lincoln Association annual meeting.

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