How Becoming a Truck Driver Could Transform Your Income

Peoria –– At the Midwest Trucking Association’s annual conference, we talk with members of a truck driving academy to hear how long it takes to become a truck driver, what opportunities this holds for people of all ages to make a good income, and hear a bit of what’s involved in learning to drive a truck.

The trucking industry is growing at the very time many drivers of the Baby Boom generation are retiring. As a result there’s a large unmet demand for drivers and many in the trucking industry say the need for more drivers is the #1 issue facing the industry at this time.

Some of the driving jobs are from state to state, while others are local routes. The salaries range depending on a variety of factors, but drivers can make from $40,000 to over $100,000 a year, and women as well as men are entering the field.

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