Week in Review: Will Property Taxes Drop? Will Speaker Madigan Survive?

Illinois’ political cycle took no holiday in what is normally a quiet time of the year. But January opened with the legalizing of recreational use of marijuana, the long-awaited Property Task Force report, and the release of a shocking email by a lobbyist who is a close associate of Speaker Madigan, that mentions a state worker who had “kept his mouth shut” about “the rape in Champaign” ! Subsequent reports suggest this was regarding the release policies of come convicted individuals and not a cover-up of a rape.

Yet some political analysts are questioning whether Speaker Madigan will lose the support of his caucus over this revelation — although the Speaker said in a statement he knows nothing about the rape, the ghost workers — another issue raised in the email form former lobbyist Mike McClain.

The Speaker said as well that he was unaware of the email. In a column issued on January 10 in Crain’s Business Chicago, Political Editor, Greg Heinz, said it is time for Speaker Madigan to resign.

We also look at the breaking news on the attack on Iran and what’s the latest in the impeachment of President Trump. Politics, Personalities,

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