Why Was Noted Presidential Library Executive, Alan Lowe, Fired from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum?

Springfield, September 24, 2019 – On Friday, September 20th, Governor Pritzker fired the Executive Director of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

Yet no reason was given to explain why he was let go or why he was escorted out of the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

What is known is that the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation purchased a collection of Lincoln artifacts, in which the foundation committed approximately $23 million. Later it was discovered that a hat in the collection, that was valued over $6 million as having been allegedly worn by Lincoln, to be now considered of the period of Lincoln, but unlikely to have belonged to Lincoln.

Yet Alan Lowe, the Executive Director of the Presidential Library until his firing on Friday, was not involved in that purchase of the “Taper Collection” What he did do this spring, is testify before a legislative hearing into the problems in the issues dividing the Presidential Library Foundation and the operational management of the Library, which Lowe ran.

Lowe testified there were problems in his view with the foundation and how it was causing tensions between the Library staff and its mission and the desires and goals of the Foundation.

Was he fired for speaking out about the problems at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum before a legislative panel looking into the problems of the organization?

What ever the reasons, most agree that Alan Lowe, who had previously worked at the GW Bush and Ronald Reagan Presidential Libararies, was a man well qualified to hold his position. The reasons for his dismissal remains unknown.

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