Fixing Illinois: Will We Get Real Solutions, or Real Rhetoric?

September 20, 2019 – With the fall turning into a stepped up pace of activity as the candidates and campaigns of 2020 look toward the March 17 primary election, the rhetoric is picking up. Or is it more than rhetoric?

Is there a viable answer to what ails Illinois? Are those thus far elusive answers held by one party, one faction, or even one leader?

We review recent comments being made by Candidates, those in elected office and one cabinet secretary, as well as a conservative radio host familiar with Chicago’s minority communities. As you’ll see, their comments focus generally about the violence in Chicago, the damage that was done to our state’s social safety net, and the rejection by voters — according to one congressional candidate — that big government has the answers.

This is not just about who wins campaign seats — it’s about the hundreds being murdered in Chicago every year, about the open question of whether this state is in too deep in the muck to extricate itself. It’s about whether politicians can put aside their personal animosity to work toward a common purpose.

From Chicago – Jeff Berkowitz, and from Springfield, Terry Martin, bring their direct knowledger of the candidates, the issues, and factor in their direct reporting and interviews of the leaders in Chicago and state government.

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