Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Talks Healthcare, Business, Wealth, Politics & Shark Tank Deals

Judson University, Elgin – [Recorded May 16, 2019] TV Personality, Entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban drew a crowd of more than 400 people to Judson University’s campus as the inaugural guest in a new World Leaders Forum speaker series.

In an interview with Judson alumnus Mark Vargas, Cuban discussed business and politics, his path to entrepreneurship and his role on ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank.”

“I was fired from a software store, living with five other guys, and feeling stressed and stuck. I wanted to control my destiny, and starting my own company was the only way to do that,” said Cuban to the crowd gathered at Judson’s Herrick Chapel.

“My advice to students entering the workforce is that you don’t need to find the perfect job right away. Take that first job, find joy in the moment, approach it as a learning opportunity and get smarter every day.”

Cuban also discussed topics such as gun control, a proposed new model for health care, the importance of diversity in business, how he was impacted by the September 11 attacks, how he met his wife, lessons his parents taught him, his ongoing struggle to achieve a work-life balance, what it’s like to work with his fellow “Shark Tank” panelists, and his potential 2020 presidential run.

Cuban was invited by Vargas, who is a health care tech entrepreneur and trusted business adviser, as the first guest in the new World Leaders Forum series, “Conversations with Mark Vargas”.

This series is focused on lively, informal discussions covering a wide range of topics from current events to politics, business, life lessons, successes and failures, inspiring stories and more.

Proceeds from the event support entrepreneurship and diversity scholarships for students at Judson University. Politics, Personalities, Policies and business developments!

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