New Cash Crop: Illinois Opens Applications to Grow Industrial Hemp

State Capitol, April 30 2019 – Gov Pritzker and Illinois Agriculture Secretary John Sullivan announce the Dept of Agriculture now has applications available online for those interested in growing industrial hemp.

Hemp was long grown in America in the past, and was used for a variety of industrial purposes, including the manufacturing of rope. The product now can also be used in many other applications from baskets, to replacing plastics. This is an application that many say will be among its greatest applications, as landfills and oceans are choked with plastic products that are not biodegradable .

Illinois Agriculture Secretary John Sullivan – who recently sat down for a one-on-one with the Illinois Channel — said the growing of Hemp is going to be controlled through state regulations that ensure it’s level of THC is very low and therefore would have no use by those looking to use it as a drug. Sullivan said the growing of hemp is very labor intensive and as such, the number of acres dedicated to growing hemp would likely be very small — from 3 to 10 acres per location, he estimates. Sullivan also said that hemp, when rotated with other crops helps to replenish the soil, so its benefits are beyond the industrial use in the marketplace.

Applications to grow Hemp are now on the IL Agriculture website:

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