With the Economy Jumping 3.2% in the first Quarter, Author Steve Moore Explains “Trumponomics”

Chicago – Our contributor Jeff Berkowitz goes One-o-One with Steve Moore, nominated by President Trump to the Federal Reserve Board of Directors, go inDepth on the President’s Fiscal policies, as Moore lays out why they’re working.

Moore, is also the author of “Trumponomics” that lays out President Trump’s approach to growing the economy through tax cuts, cuts in regulations, and reductions in foreign tariffs.
regulations having been cut sharply in the first year, and a large tax cut program in December of 2017 – the government announced on April 26, that the first quarter GDP grew at 3.2% – sharply higher than anticipated.

Moore notes in this interview that the wages of Americans is now also growing, with over a million jobs remaining unfilled, the labor market for workers is very tight, causing employers to increase wages to attract workers.

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