A New Association Fights for Illinois Counties

Springfield, April 15 – Associations in Springfield have long organized to fight for the needs of their members. Now this year, a new association, the Illinois State Association of Counties, launched with an old hand leading it as the Executive Director.

Joe McCoy, who lobbied for years for the Illinois Municipal League, brings his legislative experience to work on behalf of the counties across the state and to bring lawmakers the issues that the counties say need addressing. McCoy says this year, a Capital bill, to fund many infrastructure projects is one of the primary issues.

Another issue is the distribution of monies from the State Distributive Fund, that is to be shared with counties and municipalities. In recent years, the state’s held back the share of monies going to local government – a practice the local governments say is a withholding of funds that are rightfully theirs, as a part of the local sales taxes collected.

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