Catholic Bishops Condemn Proposed Abortion Bills

State Capitol, March 28, 2019 – Illinois Bishops from Springfield, Rockford, Joliet, and Archbishop Cupich of Chicago, hold a press conference stating their strong opposition to HB-2467 and HB 2495, two abortion bills that they say are a radical departure from existing law.

HB-2467, removes the Parental Notification requirement for a minor child seeking an abortion. HB-2495, states a fertilized egg, or fetus does not have rights under the law in Illinois, and that any medical professional that refuses to provide an abortion may be the subject of a civil lawsuit. Similar abortion bills are in the Illinois Senate.

These bills are seeking to ensure the right to an abortion in Illinois will not be denied should the US Supreme Court change their ruling in the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade decision, that allowed abortions in all states. With President Trump already adding two conservatives to the US Supreme Court, the fear among abortion rights supporters is the President may have more appointments to the court in the future that would then alter the current legal standing regulation abortions in Illinois.

Under Row v Wade, states were allowed to set limits on the third trimester of pregnancy. Among the changes being proposed to Illinois’ existing laws regulating pregnancy, is one that would allow an abortion at any time prior to birth.

HB-2495, follows up on the well known HB-40 signed into law by Gov Rauner in the summer of 2017, and provides insurance requirements for the coverage of abortion.