Billionaires, Politics and Dark Money

Have the Internet, social media, astro-turf groups, and big “behind the scenes billionaires” secretly changed the American political system? In a world where we now hear about fake news, fake political groups — How can the American voter know who to trust, and whether they’re being played as pawns in a political chess game?

We interview author Jeff Reynolds, as he discusses these themes in his recently published book, “Behind the Curtain: Inside the network of Progressive Billionaires and their campaign to undermine democracy”

Reynolds is no non-partisan. He acknowledges his Libertarian leanings. And his book focuses on the impact of big money from the far-left billionaires, like George Soros, and the funding of such groups as Antifa, Media Matters and others that play a growing role in American politics.

But all Americans may well be concerned and mindful of the changing nature of the American political system, in the Internet world we live in – and how American electoral rule book is being re-written with every election.