Republican Senators Push Again for Bipartisan Redistricting Reform

State Capitol, February 6, 2019 – Th e Republican Senate caucus of the state legislature endorsed a redistricting reform proposed by Democratic senator Julie Morrison, and argued that voters of both parties are injured when political parties are drawing the legislative districts.

The effort to reform the redistricting of Illinois’ political districts gained a lot of momentum under Gov Bruce Rauner, who backed an effort that gathered some 400,000 signatures across the state, but ultimately they amendment to change the drawing of political boundaries failed before the Illinois Supreme Court when it was ruled unconstitutional.

It’s not that a reform of the current system is against the Illinois Constitution, but that effort gave duties to the state’s Auditor General, that are not apart of the office’s constitutional powers.

This effort would have a commission drawn up that would draw the political districts in which candidates run. That commission would have Republicans selected by a Republican justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, and Democrats selected by a Democratic justice.