President Trump “I Can Build the Wall Without Congressional Approval”

From the White House – On January 4, 2019 – President Trump holds an hour-long press conference on the great Jobs Report, that showed the US Economy created 312,000 new jobs in December – nearly twice the predicted amount. the Government shutdown, negotiations with Democratic Leaders on reaching agreement on the issue of building a border wall. In the course of the press conference the President also took questions on many international and economic questions.

Among the news making items were his comments on holding firm that he would NOT accept a deal to close the government without funding for the wall, which he said would cost $5.6 Billion. AND — that as Commander in Chief, he would have the power to build the wall without congressional approval, if he declared it a national emergency. The President said it may come to that, but that he is trying to reach an agreement with congressional leaders.

Joined with the Sec of Homeland Security and House Republican Leaders, the President and others mentioned the crime that is taking place, the number of terrorists trying to enter the country, and the known sex trade trafficking that enters along the southern border.