President Trump Press Conference Following the Mid-Term Elections

President Trump speaks to reporters about the results of the mid-term elections that saw the Republicans increase their control in the US Senate, but lost control of the US House by a narrow margin.

The President had campaigned vigorously in the month before the election for Republican candidates, holding rallies across the nation, including one recently in Murphysboro near Carbondale.

He told a reporter that the election was very close to a total victory, given the results. The President noted the Republicans picked up four Senate seats from the Democrats — and may pick up Arizona as well, which remains too close to call.  The Republicans also captured two open Senate seats in Tennessee and Utah, where Mitt Romney was elected.

In the House, the GOP lost approximately 26 seats, giving Democrats a very slim majority.  Some elections remain too close to call.

In his comments, the President noted the re-election victories of Illinois congressmen, Rodney Davis (R) and Rep Mike Bost (R), who were aided by the President and Vice President at events.  He also noted that Rep Peter Roskam (R), who refused to support the President’s agenda or have him come to campaign for him, lost his race.

In a long opening statement, the President said that because the Democrats margin in the House is so slim, they’ll have to  cooperate with the Administration to get anything passed.

In response to the first question, the President said he was willing to work in a bipartisan manner, but warned the the Democrats against opening up a series of politically motivated investigations of the Administration.  In a tweet earlier in the day, the President said he could have the Republican controlled Senate launch counter investigations of members in the House, if Democrats imagine they can use investigations as a weapon against him or his Administration members.

In a shocking display of non-professionalism, a number of reporters refused to quit asking questions when the President moved on to another reporter, refused to sit down when requested, or stood up and shouted questions when they had not been called upon.  At points, the President stepped away from the podium in frustration, after he had already asked reporter Jim Acosta, with CNN, multiple times to sitdown after the President had aleady answered the initial question posed.

In response to another reporter, who asked if he would keep the VP on the ticket for 2010, the President said, “Well, I haven’t asked him as yet” Then looking over to the Vice President he said, “Mike will you run with me again?” to which the Vice President said he would.