Congressman Rodney Davis (R) on the Growing Economy

From Springfield – on Manufacturing Day, Congressman Rodney Davis, a Republican who is targeted as one of the districts Democrats look to flip if they are to take control of the House, talks with reporters about the growing economy, the recovery of manufacturing and the need to train workers for the available jobs.

On the day this was recorded, the Commerce Dpt released the October jobs report, that showed the unemployment in America is now 3.7%, the lowest since 1969 – a time when America also had 500,000 young American men in Vietnam, and thus not in the workforce.

With the growing economy, many companies around the nation report they can’t find workers to fill the jobs being created.  This is part is due to a lack of skills needed to perform those jobs. Congressman Davis notes there are training programs available at some of our community colleges, that prepare students for jobs as diverse as welding, graphic arts, or nursing.