Governor Rauner Begins “The Fight For What’s Right Tour” in Drive for Second Term with BBQ as a Hook

August 21, 2018, Governor Rauner began his 5-day, 21-stop Fight For What’s Right Tour of Illinois on Monday.

The governor is branding his theme that he offered at the State Fair on Governor’s day, when he said “We’re here because we’re fighting for what’s right, and what’s just, and what’s good, and for a better future for our children and grandchildren.”

This week, the governor is touring the state with that  message. He knows that home is worth fighting for, and he will never give up the fight for the future of Illinois.

Each day, he will make stops throughout the state speaking with voters. At least one stop per day will be accompanied by Bruce’s BBQ Big Rig, a tractor-trailer outfitted to serve BBQ to attendees at the events.

Yesterday, the governor made stops in Mt. Sterling, Rushville, Macomb, Monmouth and Lincoln.