JB Pritzker and Statewide Democratic Candidates Get Massive Turnout of Statewide Supporters

Springfield, August 16, 2018 —  Illinois Democrats packed their annual meeting as they gathered in Springfield to hear the parade of candidates they will have on the November ballot. Democrats already control both houses of the legislature and every statewide office, with the exception of Governor and Lt Governor.

JB Pritzker, the Democratic candidate for Governor and Rep Juliana Stratton, the candidate for Lt Governor, got some of the warmest receptions in a series of warm receptions, with Pritzker saying again he’ll work to pass a Constitutional Amendment so that Illinois can move to a progressive income tax, replacing the state’s flat tax on income.

If enthusiasm is any indication of the fall elections, then Democrats have reason to hope they will take back the governor’s office this November.  Democrats from around the state packed the room at the Crowe Plaza with what party official say was their largest turnout ever.

Missing from the list of speakers, was Attorney-General Lisa Madigan, who appeared via a produced video in which she recounted some of her efforts as AG over the last 15 years.