House Votes to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment Making Illinois the 37th State to do so

Nearly 40 years ago, the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution went down to defeat, when supporters failed to get 38 states to pass it in the seven years, as required. But ERA supporters believe the seven-year deadline was artificial and that if the 38 states required to pass the amendment.

Here is a 35 minuted portion of a much longer debate that was held in the Illinois House of Representatives on May 30, 2018, as the House debated the merits of passing the ERA to have IL become the 37th state to approve it.

final vote on passage of the ERA in the IL House, May 30, 2018
ERA Sponsor, Rep Lou Lang (D) “Don’t be the 71st vote, be the first vote.

Rep Lou Lang, the House sponsor spoke in an impassioned closing argument during the close of the House debate, saying telling members that they have the chance to change America tonight… “This is your chance. The time is now”