Illinois State Sen Kyle McCarter, Nominated to be America’s Ambassador to Kenya

March 29, 2018 – State Senator Kyle McCarter, was nominated by President Donald Trump on Wednesday to be America’s new ambassador to Kenya.

McCarter applied to be the new ambassador shortly after President Trump was elected. McCarter and his wife Victoria have a long history in Kenya, where they and McCarter’s parents organized a charity there called “Each 1 Feed 1”   school for girls in Kenya. Kyle McCarter and his wife both speak Swahili – the language of Kenya.

Based on his history with Kenya, McCarter – a conservative Republican from the 54th district, felt he would be uniquely qualified to serve as the American ambassador. He is also a small businessman, whose business is located in the Lebanon, Illinois community, not far from St. Louis.

Calvin McCarter

In a profile of McCarter the Illinois Channel conducted in 2015, McCarter told us his father, Calvin McCarter, set the example of living a life in service to others, McCarter’s father, who was a military was a military Chaplain in Vietnam, began the charitable mission in Kenya in 1984.

Sen McCarter’s Kenya school and clinic which sits on approximately 10 acres

As a young man, Sen McCarter and his wife, Victoria, spent a year in Kenya working to build the mission that serves orphans, women, operates a school and provides healthcare through a clinic.

Sen McCarter’s father passed away March 25, 2018 in Oklahoma, just before the formal announcement.

Sen McCarter supported Rep Jeanne Ives in the recent Republican primary for governor and had previously announced he would not seek re-election to the Senate. His appointment as US Ambassador requires confirmation by the US Senate.