Update on Illinois’ New School Scholarship Program, “Invest In Kids Act”

Springfield – In the fall of 2017, a bill was passed that allowed for a state tax deduction for donations into a fund that pays for students to attend a school of their choice — public or private.  The fund can raise as much as $100 million from private donations.  Students can then apply for a scholarship to help pay tuition at the school they choose to attend.  As of March 10, 2018 – $39 million has been pledged for the fund.

Proponents argued that students living in a district with a failing school, should not have their futures stolen, by being forced to attend schools that offer a low-grade education.

To learn more about how this works for students and schools, we speak with Lennie Jarrat of the Heartland Institute, which supported the passage of this legislation, updates us on the status of the scholarship fund, and how it works.

For more information click on the logo, or go to this website: http://www.revenue.state.il.us/InvestInKids/