President Trump’s Remarks before the Annual CPAC Conference

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Hill, Maryland — President Trump will deliver an address before the CPAC conference — a gathering of conservatives from around the nation, that focuses on issues that present conservatives’ approach to social and governmental issues.

The President’s remarks come in the wake of the recent shooting in Florida, that killed 17 high school students, and reawakened the call for stricter gun control laws. With some minor exceptions, more restrictions on gun control is not what conservatives wish to hear.

Yet the President remains highly popular within his conservative base, and the President’s calls for stronger restrictions and better background checks, are not necessarily at odds with his conservative base.  And, many support the President’s calls for better security at schools, including having teachers or guards positioned at schools to protect students and staff. Critics of this approach point out that the recent shooting at Parkland High School, DID have an armed deputy on duty during the shooting, yet the guard failed to confront the shooter.

The President is also expected to talk about adding stronger sanctions against North Korea.

As he delivered his remarks, the President recounted this victories over his first year in office — the appointment of Justice Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, tax cuts, cutting regulations.  But he warned his supporters, not to become complacent and to work hard to build more Republican members of Congress.

After nearly an hour speaking, the President spoke touchingly about one of the victims in Florida.  He asked again, ‘Why do we protect our banks and our government buildings but not our schools?”

“When we declare our schools to be ‘gun free zones’ it just puts our schools in greater danger.”

The President called for having retired military, police, retired deputies — individuals who are trained in guns, to be used at schools to protect students.  He said he is NOT calling for all teachers to be armed.