CAMPAIGN 2018: Rep Ives (R) Campaign Commercial Focuses on High Property Taxes Damaging Families & State

Wheaton — Rep Jeanne Ives posted a campaign video Friday that shows her in a typical family kitchen, as she discusses the harm rising property taxes are doing to families and to the state.

Rep Ives has long been critical of the manner in which property taxes are calculated, and has pushed for reforms to ensure they’re more accurate and fair.

While her campaign to unseat Gov Rauner for the Republican nomination for governor is vastly underfunded compared to the millions the Governor has to spend, she’s hoping the widespread disgust with high property taxes may boost her appeal with voters.

She’s also focusing on the Governor’s lack of results in giving any property tax relief to homeowners and businesses. The Governor also campaigned during his time in office to reduce property taxes, but Rep Ives’ press release points out that he has done little to bring actual relief to homeowners.

Her press release says in part, “Among Governor Rauner’s many betrayals, was the fact that he took no significant action on one of the state’s most pressing issues: Property Taxes.”

The campaign press release says in part, “In a 2014 campaign ad, Bruce Rauner blasted Pat Quinn for the state’s high property tax rates, saying ‘He just doesn’t get it.’ Three years later, according to the Wall Street Journal, ‘Property taxes in Cook County and Chicago’s ‘collar’ counties are the highest in the country outside of California and the Northeast.”

In her video she says she’ll put a “hard cap” on property taxes, and then work to reduce government spending, to release the pressure on families and businesses.