Biss Campaign & IL GOP Target Pritzker Over Non-Release of Tax Returns

The race for the Democratic Gubernataorial nomination got a little uglier on Tuesday, as Sen Dan Biss takes a segment from the recent press conference, covered by the Illinois Channel, to make a comparision of JB Pritzker to President Trump.  In a new campaign ad, Biss seeks to compare the two wealthy men, who are both seen “promising” to release their tax returns.

In the ad, there’s a clip taken at the recent press conference in Springfield.  Near the end of the press conference, a reporter asked Pritzker why he hadn’t yet released his tax returns.   “Oh I will” said Pritzker. But that didn’t satisfy the reporter, who pointed out it’s been months after the filing deadline.

That exchange, obviously flagged the attention of someone in the Biss for Governor Campaign, to use the delay to draw a comparision to Donald Trump as a candidate, who suggested he would release his taxes, but never did prior to the election in November 2016.

The Biss commercial is below.  But first.. here’s a press release sent out today by the Illinois Republican Party, taking Pritzker to task for the same reason — not releasing his tax returns!


Today is the 214th day since J.B. Pritzker pledged to release his tax returns. 214 days is exactly how long the 2017 Major League Baseball season lasted from Opening Day (April 2) to Game 7 of the World Series (November 1). Let’s take a look at some of the things that happened in that 214 day span:

214 days is 5,136 hours which is enough time to play 1,712 games (assuming the average duration of a baseball game is approximately 3 hours).

In the MLB, each team averages about 146 pitches per game, meaning that in this 214 day span with 1,712 games, there would be approximately 499,904 pitches.

But enough hypotheticals, let’s look at some stats.

In that span, the Chicago Cubs played 172 baseball games, and (not including playoffs) had 5,496 at bats resulting in 1,402 hits and pitched 1,447.1 innings.

The Chicago White Sox played 162 games, had 5,513 at bats and 1,412 hits, with a collective 1,421.2 innings pitched.

A lot of things can happen over the span of 214 days, but J.B. Pritzker can’t get his taxes done?

Here’s the Biss Campaign commerical