Add Mike Fortner (R) to the Growing List of State Representatives Leaving the Legislature

Rep Mike Fortner (R)

West Chicago— Rep Mike Fortner, a Republican lawmaker who voted to override Gov Rauner’s budget veto is joining the growing list of lawmakers  — mostly Republican — announcing they will not seek another term in office.

Fortner is recognized as one of the more intellectual members of the legislature, with a Ph.D. degrees in physics from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.  Fortner is an individual who would take a fresh look at an issue, and often propose a solution that was unique and worth considering. A number of lawmakers in the Chamber, found his suggestions on addressing the pension issue, worth more consideration that it’s been given.

Fortner was first elected to the House in 2006.  This past January, marked his 10th year in office.

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin released this statement on Fortner’s decision not to run again, “I have been privileged to serve alongside Mike Fortner throughout his time in the Illinois General Assembly. He has been a leading voice on important issues such as energy policy, election reform, local government and technology.

Mike used his background and expertise to serve the public good and he has been a tremendously effective legislator. We will all miss his professorial intellect, wit and ability to work in a bipartisan fashion to improve the lives of Illinois families. I wish Mike all the best in his future endeavors.”

Leader Durkin appointed Representative Fortner to serve as the Minority Spokesperson for numerous House committees, including: Cities and Villages; Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, & IT; Economic Opportunity; Elections & Campaign Finance; and Tollway Oversight. Fortner has been a member of the Illinois House of Representatives since 2007.