Monday Likely to be “D-Day”, Decision Day, on the Education Funding Bill

State Capitol:  For the second day there was NO action in the legislature during a Special Session called by the Governor, to address the education funding bill.  In fact, the House opened, read a proclamation from the Governor, that spelled out how the legislature passed a bill to fund education, but that the bill has yet to be sent to him.   And then, after approximately eight minutes, the House adjourned.

The Special Session is to continue on Friday, but given that a number of Chicago area lawmakers were seen leaving the Capitol shortly after the House adjourned, there’s every reason to believe the House will not even muster a quorum on Friday, in order to do business.

That leaves Monday — the last day of the Special Session called by Gov Rauner.  In all likelihood, Senate President Cullerton, will then send SB-1, the bill passed at the end of May, that would fund K-12 education, to the governor.  He in turn will issue an Amendatory Veto, and THEN, the legislature will have a role to play in this effort to pass a bill that will fund the opening of schools, in about 2 weeks.

When the Governor issues an Amendatory Veto, that kills the bill, just the same as if he issued a standard veto of the bill.  The House and Senate will then have to attempt an override veto vote — as they did recently with the state budget.

Should either chamber fail on the override, or if the Senate fails to even attempt an override, then the bill, SB-1, will be dead, and the process to pass a funding bill will have to start all over.