Illinois Becomes First State Requiring Insurance Coverage for PANDA Condition Afflicting Children

From Lombard: As reported earlier on the Illinois Channel, the condition referred to as PANDA, afflicts some children after they’ve had strep throat. Now, after years of trying to get the state and medical community to recognize this condition and require insurance firms to cover it, the Illinois legislature passed a bill mandating coverage.

Here, Gov Rauner comes to the home of Kate Drury, a mother whose child was afflicted with the PANDA condition, to sign the bill into law. The treatment of PANDA, can cost $15,000 per treatment, but is capable of returning a child to health.

Parents say the cost of the treatment, is worth saving a child’s future, and that the cost of seeking other treatments are both costly, and fail to cure their children.

They add that there are thousands of cases of PANDA children across the nation, and they know that parents in other states are watching what has happened in Illinois, and hope to use Illinois’ example to have PANDA treatments covered by healthcare insurance firms in other states.