Special Session to Pass a Budget Starts with a Whimper

Springfield:   The Illinois Legislature began its special session in Springfield on Wednesday, in what is supposed to be a special effort to reach a budget agreement.

Nothing happened on Day One.

Well, not quite Nothing…. the House met in session of 19 mins, and did nothing.

The Governor held no public events.

Republican Lawmakers say House Dems are the only ones to have not put forth a budget plan

Republicans in the legislature held a press conference in the morning, and made the point that the House Democrats are the primary cause of the state not having a budget agreement, as they refuse to negotiate in good faith, unlike their Senate Democrat counterparts.

Speaker Madigan told reporters that he and his caucus are willing to negotiate with anyone that is willing to negotiate with them.

And… we have NINE more days to see if a budget will be produced.

AND… depending upon who’s number you accept, the State’s taxpayers went another $11 million or so in debt, due to a variety of costs, including the interest paid on the $15 Billion in the backlog of unpaid bills.