Court of Appeals Rules Again… Rod Blagojevich’s 14 Year Sentence is NOT Unreasonable

Chicago:  He was arrested in December 2008, charged with trying to sell a US Senate seat, among other charges.

Then Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich sits for a mug shot after being arrested in December 2008, for attempting to sell a US Senate seat

In January, 2009 he was the first Illinois governor to be impeached. In time, he was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in federal prison.

Today in Chicago, for the second time, the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, denied Rod Blagojevich’s attempt to have his sentence reduced, as being unreasonable, despite assertions that he has been a model prisoner since his incarceration.

Now former Gov Rod Blagojevich sits in federal prison in Colorado, his hair undyed and gray.  His wife and daughters, still live in Chicago where they have hoped for the last five years that his 14 year sentence would at least be reduced.

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But now, the former US Congressman, and twice elected former governor, who had at one time reportedly hoped to one day run for President, has now spent five years in federal prison and with today’s decision, will likely have to stay in prison another seven more years.

His family had once hoped that President Obama would commute his sentence. Blagojevich and Obama knew each other.  The former President had served in the Illinois Senate for several years while Blagojevich was in his first term as governor.But the Obama presidency came and went, and no pardon, nor clemency was forthcoming.

And with today’s decision, Blagojevich has now struck out twice in his attempt at a reduction in sentence from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

So now Rod Blagojevich’s chances to go home before 2024 may now be down to the hope that yet another US President will take note of his plight and take mercy.

It’s now a different administration, but as before, Rod Blagojevich has crossed paths with the President of the United States.

Between the time of his impeachment and his being sent to federal prison, Blagojevich used the instant fame he gained from being both an impeached governor, and a noted character who would say just about anything…to earn some money as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, a show starring and produced by Donald Trump.

His legal options are not entirely exhausted. Blagojevich could have his appeal for a reduction in sentence be considered by the US Supreme Court.

But that is such a long shot, that it may just be that an attempt to have now President Donald Trump, consider a pardon of Rod Blagojevich, is at least as likely of a long shot.