Regional Superintendent of Madison County, Bob Daiber, Announces for Governor

Madison County Regional Superintendent of Schools, Bob Daiber, announces for Governor of Illinois

From Madison County:   Bob Daiber, the Regional Superintendent of Schools announced he is running for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

He said he is running as one who is willing to “Cooperate and Compromise” to get things done for Illinois.

This is his first run for statewide office, but has held office at the municipal level.  As one who has a doctorate in education, he stressed his experience and determination to improve education in Illinois.

Daiber admits he is running against millionaires, and possible billionaires, but that his campaign is currently self-funded.

Daiber says he will look closely at cutting the costs of Medicare and Medicaid so that Illinois “gets more for its buck.”   And, he said we need to look at our tax levels — suggesting the state needs an increase in revenues.

Daiber says he spoke with Speaker Madigan, the head of the Illinois Democratic Party, and that he Speaker was aware he would be announcing for Governor.

Daiber says he is a big supporter of union labor, and that Illinois is known for its quality work force.