Asking Gov Rauner to Sign, SB 261, Protecting Disabled Caregivers Pay

From the State Capitol:  A mother and her disabled son, share their story of having to provide personal care 24/7, 365 days a year — and why the proposal to cut back on the number of hours the state pays for care, is harmful to those families for whom care is not an option, nor ever ending.

This comes in response to Illinois’ Dept of Human Services [DHS] new overtime policies proposed, that would cut back on overtime pay and may force families to have to hire caregivers from outside the family.  Families say they can neither afford to do that, nor do they trust that the care from others will be of sufficient quality to protect the health of their family member.

These families argue that the proposed changes would actually cost the state more money, as it would force many disabled individuals into institutions, where the cost of the care can be twice as much as what it costs to keep a disabled person at home.