Legislature passes SB-2047, which Funds K-12 education for a Full Year, and Government Services through the End of the Year

On Thursday afternoon, the Illinois Legislature finally voted to fund Higher Education, K-12, and government services, thus avoiding a financial calamity, by approving SB-2047, on the last day of Fiscal Year 2016.

We will have coverage of the floor debate, and interviews with lawmakers a bit later on.


The bill was the result of long hours of meetings held on Wednesday, between Gov Rauner and the Legislative leaders.

The Bill funds K-12 education for the full year, and other government operations through the end of December — time enough for lawmakers to get past their reelection without having to first take votes on raising income taxes, property taxes, and possibly taxes on services.

According to Rep Jack Franks (D), who is not seeking reelection to the House — that’s all likely coming sometime after the November elections.

Our coverage will be updated with video of lawmaker interviews, and floor coverage, in the near future.