Illinois Legislature Passes a $700 Million Bill to Fund Human Services

The Illinois Senate passed a $700 million appropriations bill Thursday for human services that had not received funding due to the budget impasse.

Much of the state’s human services are provided by nonprofit groups, such as Lutheran Social Services, which recently had to lay off hundreds of employees due to a lack of payments from the state.

Sen Bill Brady (R) said, “Today’s unanimous passage of SB-2038 will appropriate much-needed funding for providers who provide critical services in our communities, and I was encouraged by the spirit of bipartisanship shown by both sides of the aisle. However, the legislation did not address the growing need for an appropriation for the Department of Corrections to safely maintain current operations.”

The funding bill does not appropriate money from the General Revenue Fund, as it is tied to ear-marked funds outside GRF.   The bill unanimously passed through the House of Representatives earlier in the day.