Sunday, September 24, 2023
Capitol Lincoln Statue

Modeled after C-SPAN, the Illinois Channel is a nonprofit television news organization dedicated to covering Illinois State Government, and statewide public policy issues.

Whether at the State Capitol, Chicago, Carbondale, or anywhere in between…the Illinois Channel connects you to the events, people and issues which are a part of Illinois civic cycle. And, as so much of what happens in Congress affects our state budget and policies, we also work to bring you coverage of significant issues, events and leaders working in Washington, DC.

Illinois Channel coverage of state government issues is largely driven by the circumstances of what issues are moving within a legislative session.  Is it changes in regulating industry?  Reforming the Criminal Justice system? A move to lower tax rates?  These would all be a part of our programming, as we look to provide in-depth coverage of the three branches of government.

Our coverage of other issues, and personalities, are based on our understanding of the issues and those individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders.   We look to cover issues that affect the entire state — or at least a sizable region.

We also encourage you to bring to our attention any story that you believe would be of statewide interest.  We may not cover it… but we can’t cover what we don’t know!

The Illinois Channel receives no funds from the State of Illinois and operates on donations from individuals, underwriting from organizations, and grants from businesses and foundations. Please consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation to support our mission.