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Volume 6, Issue 29

July 20, 2009

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From the State Capitol in Springfield: as the Illinois legislature and Governor Quinn finally came to terms on a new state budget, we hear details of the budget deal from House Republican Press Secretary Sara Wojcicki, who tells us how new borrowing replaced new taxes as a revenue source.


From the Stratton Office Building in Springfield: we speak with Dan Long, Executive Director of the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability.† As lawmakers authorized new borrowing to fund state programs, we hear what the cost of this new borrowing will be in the years ahead.


From the State Capitol in Springfield: on the day lawmakers passed a new state budget, we hear from Tom Johnson, who chaired a commission on state government cost-cutting.† He tells us how reforms could save billions of dollars annually.† Mr. Johnson, who is a former director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, also shares his insights on whether the state needs to overhaul its current tax code to generate additional revenue.


From the Press Briefing Room at the State Capitol: State Senator Dan Rutherford announces his campaign to seek the Republican nomination for State Treasurer.


From the Peoria Civic Center: alumni and staff from Ronald Reaganís alma mater, Eureka College, hear a speech by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.† He talks of his relationship with President Reagan and how Reaganís leadership came to break new ground in U.S. - Soviet relations.


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Text Box: A new state budget was passed and signed on the evening of July 15, 2009.
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Text Box: Tom Johnson is currently the President of the Taxpayersí Federation of Illinois.
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