In Covid-Shortened Legislative Session, $42.6 Billion Budget Glued Together

May 24, 2020 — In perhaps the weirdest legislative session in the history of Illinois, the Governor holds his “End of Session” press briefing on what was accomplished during this Covid19-shortened legislative session. The big picture is the state will have a $42.6 Billion Budget for FY 2021. That budget increases school funding slightly, holds higher education funding mostly flat, and may or may not provide a $1,800 salary increase for legislators. The governor claims that’s not going to happen. And if it IS in the budget, the governor of Illinois can do a line-item veto to remove it if he wishes. In this press conference held the day after the legislature wrapped up its spring session — on time for the second year in a row [technically last year went one day over] — the governor lays out what was accomplished despite the challenge of a partial shutdown of the Illinois economy, and increased spending to address the Covid pandemic. Politics, Personalities, Policies and business developments! Stay in touch with one of the most politically active, and important states in the USA! Follow us on Twitter: @IllinoisChannel website: DONATE to help fund our Independent Coverage: