“My Pillow” CEO Mike Lindell, on Business, Drugs, Recovery & Trump

April 15, 2020 – Mike Lindell has lived more lives than a cat, and along the way moved from a crack addict to CEO of “My Pillow” that’s made him a fortune. In January of this year, he self published his own story, “What are the odds? From Crack Addict to CEO” His is among the most improbable stories of success.

He should have died numerous times, from his encounters with drug lords, mafia members, or just his drug addictions, that once was so bad even his drug dealers agreed to stop selling him drugs after he had been awake for two weeks straight! In this candid interview Lindell, shares his developing his business, his moving through the challenges of building a business, to his eventual recovery from drugs by embracing God, and what Lindell says are the numberous miracles that happened along the way to guide his success.

It’s a success that’s allowed him to reach out to help other addicts, other entrepreneurs, become friends with the President of the United States, and now has him considering running for Governor of Minnesota. Whatever your politics, his is a remarkable and unbelievable story of failure and redemption. We hear along the way, what lessons he’s learned that may be meaningful to any of us struggling with our own life challenges. Politics,

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