CAMPAIGN 2020: One-on-One With Dr Tom Tarter (R), U.S. Senate Candidate

JANUARY 27, 2020 – Dr Tom Tarter never sought election to public office, but after a career in medicine, he felt he could not ignore the race for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, given the calls from many to have the Federal Government take over the nation’s healthcare system.

In our interview Dr Tarter lays out his positions on healthcare, immigration and the economy. He hopes to win the Republican Primary, which has some five candidates running, and then to defeat Sen Dick Durbin (D) in November.

Dr Tarter, who like Durbin, lives in the Springfield area, tells us why the thinks we need MORE immigration, and why he supports the building of a border wall. He goes into his experience of working in the healthcare system, and why he believes a government run system would diminish the quality of care within the United States.

Tarter says we can have better care with reforms, that do not include having healthcare control entirely by the federal bureaucracy. The Primary Election his year is on March 17th.

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