Can Ives Retake the 6th & Help the GOP Capture Congress?

Jeanne Ives (R), candidate in the 6th congressional district thinks she can take back the seat that was long held by Republicans, but was lost last November to Democrat Sean Casten.

With the Republicans looking to take back control of the US House, Illinois’ 6th District is sure to be among the most watched of political battlegrounds in the 2020 congressional campaign.

Since we last spoke with Jeanne Ives, her run to the March primary improved with former Lt Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti dropping out of the Republican race. Ives tells us her fundraising is also going well and she fully expects to not only be the Republican nominee, but capable of competing with incumbent Sean Casten in the general election.

In our interview she highlights the issues she says she hears most often from voters, what they think about the efforts to impeach President Trump, and what Ives tells us about the President’s move to remove US troops from Syria brings up her military experience and education from West Point. She also talks about the growing military and economic threat from China – and her opposition to those corporations that put profits over the principle of standing for freedom for the Chinese citizens.

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