Security Threats to the Nation and Your Personal Information

From Strasbourg, France – We speak with Internationally known security expert, John Bambenek, about the security threats posed by Chinese telecom giant Huawei, a maker of 5G technology.

Mr Bambenek, who lives in the Urbana, Illinois area and recently served on the Illinois Board of Higher Education, was in France teaching other security experts attending a conference about the current state of threats and how to protect critical security assets.

According to Mr Bambenek, Vice President of “ThreatSTOP” the threat to our national security is growing with each new development of technology. Recently, one Illinois Congressman warned of the threat of buying passenger rail cars from China, as the built-in wireless system could potentially allow the spying on business secrets as commuters worked on their laptops while on their way to work. The threat, Mr Bambenek says, is real.

We also talk with him about the need to expand the responsibility of protecting key national security assets, like the power grid, and not have the security of protecting those assets left to electric companies whose mission is to deliver electricity, not providing security for a national network.

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