Jeanne Ives (R) Announces Her Run for the 6th Congressional District

Wheaton, July 22 – After her official announcement that she is seeking to take back the 6th Congressional seat for Republicans that held it for decades before Sean Casten won it in November 2018, we talk with Jeanne Ives about why she’s running and why she thinks the district can again become a seat for the Republicans.

Last November, Sean Casten, a businessman who had never held office before, took the seat away from Congressman Peter Roskam (R), who had held it for 12 years. And before Roskam, the late Henry Hyde held the seat for 32 years. In fact, the area now in the 6th district of Illinois was held by Republicans for the entire lifetime of any voter now in the district.

It’s one reason Ives thinks the election of Casten was an aberration. She blames in large part, the fact that former Gov Bruce Rauner was despised by many voters and he lead the Republican ticket last November.

Now Ives is running for the Republican nomination for the 6th District against former Illinois Lt Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti who served under Gov Rauner. Ives argues in part, that nominating Sanguinetti, who supported “the failed policies” of Bruce Rauner would be a reminder to voters of why they voted for Casten in 2018.

In our interview, we hear in part, why she’s running and how her background as a graduate of West Point, and as a six year member of the Illinois House of Representatives, forms her views on policy and how to address the problems we face at the state and national level.

Ives launcher her campaign with an address that highlighted her themes of fighting for an America that continues to uphold the rights and freedoms of the individual, while controlling the spread of government control over the daily lives of citizens.

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