Rep Cheri Bustos (D):Media Hype of Capitol Hill Distorts the Work Being Accomplished

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City Club of Chicago – Rep Cheri Bustos, who heads the Democrats Congressional Campaign Cmte, talks to the City Club about efforts to elect more Democrats to Congress, the work of many of the newly elected Democrats, whose work is often ignored — and how coverage of Congress by the media is often a distortion of the real work taking place. Cheri Bustos represents the 17th congressional district in Illinois, which runs along a stretch of the Mississippi River in NW Illinois. Her district was carried by President Trump in 2016. She talks about the REAL interests of citizens — which do not include talk of Russian collusion, but how to get a better life, better economy, better healthcare and better education for their children. Bustos argues there is a hidden Democratic party — one that is more middle of the road than what is depicted by so many reports that tend to focus on those members of congress that represent the extreme left, speak of impeachment and offer unrealistic costly environmental plans. Politics, Personalities, Policies and business developments! Stay in touch with one of the most politically active, and important states in the USA! Follow us on Twitter: @IllinoisChannel website: