Is Illinois Last in the Nation in Nursing Home Care?

State Capitol – The claims are that the quality of care in Illinois nursing homes is worse than in most other states. Critics, including AARP of Illinois say Illinois nursing homes in general rank at the very bottom of states when it comes to the amount of time a nurse spends looking after a nursing home resident. They also say the nursing home industry in Illinois is too quick to administer anti-psychotic drugs to residents WITHOUT a diagnosis, in order to make it easier on staff members to manage a larger number of patients to the nurses on duty.

We talk with Rep Anna Moeller (D-Elgin) and Lorie Hendren, the Associate State Director of AARP of Illinois, about legislation SB-1510, that they’re backing which would set ratios of how many patients can be handled by one nurse. It would also require informed consent before anti-psychotic drugs can be administered to a patient. With the aging of the American Baby Boomer generation, with more family members needing to be placed in the care of nursing homes, we hear more about this legislation and how it would work to improve the quality of care provided to nursing home patients.

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