Democrats Claim GOP Offers Criticism, But No Financial Fix for Busted Budget

State Capitol, March 28 – Senate Democrats charged Republicans are acting as mere obstructionists to fixing the state budget, in their opposition to Gov Pritzker’s plan to have a graduated income tax.

Sen Toi Hutchinson said the options are clear – they can raise the income tax 20% on everyone, or slash spending on schools, universities, and social programs, or they can pass the Governor’s plan to change the Illinois Constitution, and charge a higher rate of taxation on the top income earners — those making more than $250,000 a year.

Rep Mike Zalewski, Chairman of the House Revenue and Finance Cmte, said without the Governor’s “Fair Tax” spending would have to be cut 15% across the board to balance the budget.

Sen Andy Manar, told reporters he’s open to ideas but said if Republicans or any opponents to the Governor’s plan think that they can balance the budget just through cuts, then they have an obligation to produce that budget and file it as a bill, so it can be examined and discussed. The Governor’s plan to change the state’s constitution from one that applys a flat tax to a graduated income tax will have to be approved first by the legislature, and then by the voters.

That means it can’t be on the ballot until November 2020 – and those new tax rates would not go into effect until 2021. So the state’s Budget woes will continue for at least two more years, even if the graduated income tax is approved. That’s why the governor is now opting to underpay the state’s obligation to the pension plan by $800 million, so spending can be increased in other areas. Critics of the governor say “Here we go Again” a governor under paying the funds needed to keep the state’s underfunded pensions from becoming even further underfunded. Politics, Personalities, Policies and business developments! Stay in touch with one of the most politically active, and important states in the USA!