AG Raoul (D) Has Illinois Join States Looking to Block Border Wall Funding

Chicago, March 14, 2019 – Illinois Attorney-General Kwame Raoul (D), welcomed California AG Xavier Becerra (D) to his office as they discuss their reasons for working to stop the President using federal funds to build a border wall.

President Trump declared a National Emergency in his argument that such a declaration is justified given the massive influx of illegal immigrants coming into the country. The President noted the level of crime associated with those entering without legal status, and the cost to the nation in terms of attests, incarceration, the workload put upon the nation’s court system, as well as the costs to the nation’s schools, healthcare and welfare systems.

Attorney General Becerra of California has organized opposition to the President’s Declaration of an Emergency, and so far 18 states have joined in the effort to challenge the legality of the declaration. Atty-General Raoul (D) has joined in that effort on behalf of Illinois.