President Trump’s Address on Reopening the Federal Government until Feb 15

White House, January 25, 2019 – In an 18 minute address from the White House, President Trump announced an agreement with Democrats in Congress to end the longest government shutdown in American history.

Under the deal, Democrats will agree to discuss border security and hear the input of those from the Dept of Homeland Security and the Border Patrol as to what they say is needed to secure the border.

President Trump also outlined what he said were the threats that are continuing to have horrible consequences for the nation. He noted the crimes, the drugs, the human trafficking, and the importation of disease from those entering the nation illegally.

The temporary shutdown will fund the Federal government until February 15th. The effort to reach a permanent solution will be worked on in the interim. A bill to fund the government so that it can reopen, is expected to pass Congress Friday, January 25.