Rep Skillicorn (R): Condemns Any Attempt to Increase the Fuel Tax

From the State Capitol – Rep Allen Skillicorn (R), holds a press conference prior to a rally, to voice the opposition to any effort to increase the motor fuel tax. Rep Skillicorn notes the surrounding states have cheaper fuel and that trucking firms can now drive through Illinois without having to pay for higher priced fuel.

For example, the difference between fuel prices in St Louis and in Illinois side of the Mississippi, can often be ten to 20 cents a gallon, or more. With a truck holding 300 gallons of fuel, the savings to avoid higher fuel prices adds up. And as gas station owners will report, the real profit for station owners these days is in getting people to come into their stores to buy items from beer, pizza, or any number of other items.

Skillicorn argues, when higher fuel taxes cause drivers to buy fuel in other states, it’s a loss of income to the state and local governments, as well as the station owners.