President Trump Insists on Border Wall Funding in Govt Funding Bill

UPDATE: On Thursday evening, the US House passed an amendment to the Continuing Resolution, that allocates $5.7 Billion to building a border wall, in a major legislative victory for the President. The CR still has to pass the US Senate. The bill, which would fund the Federal government through February, also spends over $6 Billion for disaster relief, to help victims of recent hurricanes and the wildfires in California.

From Washington: President Trump makes comments regarding his intention to veto any short-term funding bill that does not include funding for building a border wall along the US and Mexico.

The President wants $5 Billion as part of the funding and said in a tweet he had been assured when he signed the Omnibus Funding bill earlier in the year, that funding for the border wall would be included in the fall.

Now with the government set to close down at midnight on Friday, without a funding bill signed into law, the President is holding out for his promised funding of the border wall, which is a primary component of his legislative agenda.

Following his remarks on the border, the President speaks on the Farm bill, which passed Congress. He then signs the Farm Bill into law.