Garry McCarthy ‘We Need to Change Chicago’s Governing Culture’

From the City Club of Chicago:  Former Police Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, Garry McCarthy, who is now a candidate for Mayor of Chicago, gives an emotional delivery on his plan to fix Chicago.

McCarthy, who spent his career in law enforcement and was in top leadership in NYC, on September 11, 2001 when the twin towers were attacked — says we KNOW how to lower crime, and the massive rise in Chicago murders over the last 4 years is due to city government refusing to employ methods that work to reduce crime.

McCarthy tells the City Club audience the city has for too long been run for the benefit of rewarding politicians, and NOT in a professional manner were we spend the city’s finances on what is the most critical need.

“We need to get back to needs-based spending” McCarthy says

His message is not one of just fixing law enforcement, or city budgets.  He points to the need to transform the city’s governing culture, if we are going to repair education, budgets and make Chicago safer.